Make Money With Metacommerce

As a customer you can refer people to Metacommerce and earn 20% of their monthly recurring revenue for life.

Become an affiliate

How to become an affiliate

Create your affiliate link

Use your link to offer a 10% discount to Metacommerce and track all your referrals.

Share with your audience

Share your link with your friends, followers, and customers to drive sign-ups.

Start earning commission

Start earning 20% commission for every new paid customer* you refer our way.


How do I create my affiliate link?

Start by logging into your Metacommerce dashboard. Then click on your profile photo in the bottom left corner.

After that, click "Referral program" and copy your unique affiliate link.

If you face any difficulties don't hesitate to email our team at for more help!

How do I share my link?

Here are some tips for different platforms:

Add your Metacommerce referral link to your bio on platforms like;
- Instagram,
- TikTok,
- or any other social media where you have a profile link.

- Create a post and Invite your network to try it out.
- Engage in discussions where people are looking for tools to grow suggest Metacommerce.

Instagram and TikTok:
- Make a video/story highlighting how Metacommerce helps you with your specific use cases.
- Add your referral link to your bio so your followers can easily find Metacommerce.

- Create a video about how Metacommerce supports you as a creator.
- Include Metacommerce's website and your referral link in the video description.

- Share Metacommerce directly with your friends and contacts via WhatsApp.
- Send them your referral link and a quick message about how it can help them.

By sharing your Metacommerce link, you can help others discover a powerful tool for growing and monetizing their audiences, while also benefiting from the referral program!

Where can I find Metacommerce's brand assets?

You can find all of our existing brand and media assets on this page.

If your need specific materials, you can also contact Ryan by email at

How to track my referred signups?

You can check your referrals by logging into your affiliate account at anytime.

If you've correctly shared links with your unique referral URL, the information regarding the status of your referees on your dashboard will be accurate.

How do I get paid?

As soon as your first lead referral becomes a customer, a member of our team will notify you proactively and provide further instructions.

Currently, our most popular reward earn-out method is PayPal.