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Beacons Pricing 2024 Review: Is The Creator Platform Worth It?

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July 3, 2024
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As a content creator, choosing the right platform to grow your audience and monetize your efforts is crucial. has emerged as a popular choice for many creators. In this comprehensive review, we’ll dive deep into pricing for 2024, explore its features, and evaluate whether it's the right choice for your creator journey.

What is is a creator platform designed to help influencers, entrepreneurs, and artists build a personal brand and monetize their content. It offers a customizable link-in-bio tool, allowing users to create a mini-website with links to all their social media profiles, products, and services. stands out with its user-friendly interface, extensive customization options, and various tools to enhance content creation and audience engagement.


  • Customizable Link-in-Bio Pages: Users can create visually appealing landing pages that consolidate their online presence.
  • E-commerce Integration: Sell products, offer services, and manage transactions directly from your page.
  • Analytics and Insights: Track visitor metrics, link clicks, and other engagement metrics to understand your audience better.
  • Social Media Integration: Seamlessly connect all your social media profiles and content in one place.
  • Monetization Tools: Various options to generate revenue, including donations, paid memberships, and product sales. Pricing: How Much is Beacons?

Understanding the pricing structure of is essential to determine if it aligns with your budget and needs. As of 2024, offers three primary plans: Free Plan, Entrepreneur Plan, and Enterprise Plan.

Each plan is designed to cater to different levels of creators, from beginners to established professionals. Let's delve into the details of each plan.

Plan Price Features
Free Plan $0/month
  • Basic customization options
  • Access to essential link-in-bio tools
  • Limited analytics
  • Social media integrations
Entrepreneur Plan $10/month
  • Advanced customization options
  • Enhanced analytics
  • E-commerce integrations
  • Priority customer support
Enterprise Plan Custom pricing
  • All features of the Entrepreneur Plan
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Advanced e-commerce tools
  • Custom integrations and API access

Free Plan

  • Price: $0/month
  • Features:some text
    • Basic Customization Options: Users can personalize their link-in-bio pages with simple design tools. Although customization is limited, it provides enough flexibility for beginners to create an attractive page.
    • Access to Essential Link-in-Bio Tools: The core functionality includes creating links to social media profiles, websites, and other online resources, enabling users to consolidate their digital presence.
    • Limited Analytics: Basic analytics allow users to track the number of clicks and visits to their Beacons page. This is useful for understanding audience engagement at a fundamental level.
    • Social Media Integrations: Seamlessly integrate major social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, to make it easier for followers to access all your content from a single link.

Entrepreneur Plan

  • Price: $10/month
  • Features:some text
    • Advanced Customization Options: This plan offers a broader range of design tools, including custom themes, fonts, and color schemes, allowing users to create a more unique and professional-looking page.
    • Enhanced Analytics: Gain access to detailed insights into user behavior, including demographics, referral sources, and more. These advanced metrics help users tailor their content strategy to better engage their audience.
    • E-commerce Integrations: Directly sell products, services, or digital downloads from your Beacons page. Integrations with popular e-commerce platforms such as Shopify and PayPal streamline the sales process.
    • Priority Customer Support: Receive faster response times and dedicated support for any issues or questions. This ensures that users can resolve problems quickly and keep their page running smoothly.

Enterprise Plan

  • Price: Custom pricing
  • Features:some text
    • All Features of the Entrepreneur Plan: Enjoy all the benefits of the Entrepreneur Plan, ensuring a robust foundation of customization, analytics, and e-commerce tools.
    • Dedicated Account Manager: A dedicated account manager provides personalized support, helping users optimize their Beacons page and make the most of the platform’s features.
    • Advanced E-commerce Tools: Access to specialized e-commerce tools designed for high-volume sellers. These tools include advanced inventory management, multi-channel selling, and custom checkout experiences.
    • Custom Integrations and API Access: For larger organizations or those with specific needs, custom integrations with existing systems and API access allow for a seamless workflow. This is ideal for businesses looking to incorporate into their broader digital strategy.

Each of these plans is structured to provide increasing levels of functionality and support, catering to the evolving needs of creators as they grow their audience and business.

Whether you're just starting or looking for advanced features to scale your operations, offers a plan that can meet your requirements.

For more detailed information and to see a full comparison of the features included in each plan, visit the official pricing page.

Who Uses Beacons? is popular among a diverse group of creators, including:

  • Influencers: Social media influencers use to streamline their online presence and drive traffic to their content and products.
  • Entrepreneurs: Small business owners and entrepreneurs leverage the platform to showcase their offerings and connect with potential customers.
  • Artists and Musicians: Creatives use to promote their work, sell merchandise, and engage with fans.

Real-World Example

Consider Jane, a fitness influencer with a growing Instagram following. By using, she created a centralized hub for her workout programs, sponsored content, and affiliate links. This streamlined her marketing efforts and boosted her revenue by 30%.

The Best Beacons Alternative: Metacommerce

While is a strong contender in the creator platform space, Metacommerce offers a compelling alternative. 

Metacommerce provides a comprehensive suite of growth tools tailored for modern creators. 

Here’s why Metacommerce stands out:

  • Advanced Customization: Metacommerce offers more flexible and sophisticated design options for your link-in-bio pages.
  • Enhanced Analytics: Gain deeper insights into your audience with Metacommerce’s robust analytics tools.
  • Monetization Tools: From digital products to memberships, Metacommerce offers various ways to monetize your content.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive and easy to navigate, Metacommerce makes managing your online presence a breeze.
Feature Metacommerce
Advanced Customization More flexible and sophisticated design options for your link-in-bio pages. Basic to advanced customization depending on the plan.
Enhanced Analytics Gain deeper insights into your audience with robust analytics tools. Basic to enhanced analytics depending on the plan.
Monetization Tools Offers various ways to monetize your content including digital products and memberships. Provides monetization options like donations, paid memberships, and product sales.
User-Friendly Interface Intuitive and easy to navigate, making managing your online presence a breeze. User-friendly with a focus on ease of use.

Key Takeaways

  • Flexible Pricing: offers a range of plans to suit different needs and budgets, from a free plan to customizable enterprise options.
  • Comprehensive Features: The platform provides essential tools for content creators to grow and monetize their audience.
  • Customization and Support: stands out with its customization options and customer support, particularly in higher-tier plans.
  • Alternatives Available: Metacommerce is a notable alternative, offering advanced features and monetization tools that may better suit some creators.

Beacons Pricing FAQ

What is included in’s free plan?

The free plan includes basic customization options, essential link-in-bio tools, limited analytics, and social media integrations.

How does’s pricing compare to other platforms? offers competitive pricing with flexible options, making it accessible to a wide range of creators. However, alternatives like Metacommerce may offer more advanced features at similar price points.

Can I upgrade my plan anytime?

Yes, you can upgrade your plan at any time to access more features and better support.

Is there a trial period for’s paid plans? does not offer a traditional trial period, but the free plan allows you to explore the basic features before committing to a paid plan.

Why should I consider Metacommerce over

Metacommerce offers advanced customization, enhanced analytics, and versatile monetization tools that might better suit your needs as a creator.

This article provides a thorough overview of pricing and features, helping you determine whether it’s the right platform for you. 

For more insights and comparisons, explore the official websites of and Metacommerce.

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