The Easy Way To Build Allowlists

Last Updated:
August 11, 2022
Easy Way To Build Allowlists Feature Image

Metacommerce Studio allows you to seamlessly build and ingest allow lists/whitelists in a couple of steps.

Metacommerce Allowlists: What is an allowlist?

An allowlist is a list of wallet addresses that are given pre-approval by a project to receive privileges, for example access to a drop. It’s like a web3 guestlist. They are referred to sometimes as whitelists, but we don’t use that term [link to FAQ on why we don’t say whitelist].

Creators on Twitter sometimes collect details for allowlists by asking followers to share their wallet addresses in the comments, like this tweet from Lighthouse. Whilst this is a quick way to build a list of engaged wallet owners, there are downsides: 

  • It’s clunky to ingest the list of wallet addresses into a platform from which you will manage the drop
  • It’s a magnet for spammers and scammers
  • You cannot set requirements

By creating a wallet enabled allowlist with Metacommerce, you can create a secure list of engaged wallet owners, and there are other perks too.

Metacommerce allowlists

Metacommerce Allowlists are web3 enabled forms that allow you to collect wallet addresses and additional information from wallet owners. 

You can already build a stand alone allowlist, and we have some exciting features in development too.

Build a customised standalone allowlist page 

Using the Metacommerce Allowlist functionality you can build out a registration page for your allowlist, customised with your graphics. You can share important information with your community such as the mint date, cost and number of spots available.

Wallet owners can seamlessly connect their wallets using Wallet Connect

Once your registration page is live, wallet holders simply have to connect their wallet and their details are added to the allow list.

Add requirements for access to the allowlist, for example following your collection on Twitter

If there are specific actions you want users to take, for example following your collection on Twitter, you can add this as a requirement on your allowlist registration page. Our allowlists are connect to both the Twitter and Discord APIs, meaning we can instantly check that registrants have followed the required steps. Not only does this grow your community; a huge benefit is that you can build up a better picture of who your registered users are, since you will be able to match their social profiles to their wallets.

Draw winners using in built raffle feature

Once your allowlist is closed, you can draw raffle winners at random at the click of the button saving time and ensuring fairness. Winners will be added to an ERC-721 allowlist.

Export allowlist in one click

The list of registrants can be instantly exported to a CSV file from the allowlist dashboard.

What’s in the pipeline?

Landing page embed

Soon, you will be able to embed your allowlist registration, will all the above functionality, directly into your landing page.

Connect wallet using Rainbow

We are moving to use Rainbow as our wallet connect portal, increasing the number of wallet types that can be used to connect to the allowlist.

Ingest allowlists into the ORM

Our Owner Relationship Management platform (ORM) will be launched at the end of the month and we are _very_ excited about it. The ORM will allow you to build cohorts of users, based on attributes (for example, what collections they own NFTs from, whether they follow you on social media, what role they hold in your discord) and send mind-blowingly low-cost airdrops to them. Data from your Metacommerce Allowlists will be instantly ingested into the ORM helping you to build a detailed picture of your community members.

Tie wallets together

If an owner has an Ethereum wallet and other wallets, e.g. Solana, the creator will be able to match this information and power experiences on different chains.

Next steps…

If you are keen to get your hands on Metacommerce’s allowlist capabilities, start using them today with the Metacommerce Studio.

For even more functionality, sign up for the Metacommerce ORM beta here.