NFT Art Generator: How to Create Your Own NFT Art

Last Updated:
November 29, 2022
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A video resource covering how to create generative NFT artwork with the Metacommerce creative suite.

Resource by: 
Kitty Mayo

Transcript: Layer-Based Generative NFT Art

Hey everyone, it's Ryan from Metacommerce, and today we're going to show you how to create a generative collection with our studio platform.

Simply get into the tool and click generative nfts. From there you can input the title of your collection, a brief description on your collection, the number of editions you'd like and you can set whether you want them to all be unique or not.

From there you can begin uploading the layers that your generative collection will consist of i.e your background, your body, your clothing or however you're structuring it. In this case, we're using an example of Pop Art Cats.

When you upload your work you can set specific rarities on each upload. So, if you want to have a certain trait being really rare or if you want to have one being more generic you can do so once you've set one layer. You can begin uploading more layers to compile the overall image that will create your collection.

Here we're going to upload some clothing that can go on to the overall background. Again, just like the initial layer you can set rarities you can lock them and you can make them really however you want to.

On the back side of this, once you've uploaded a couple layers you can begin previewing your designs to see how they'll render for your users .In addition, to being able to preview the designs, you'll also be able to set rules on which traits will display with others. If you have a black background with a green body, a white background without a red body etc you really have the control on this on each specific layer that you want.

From there you can save your drafts and it will start generating the collection for you. When your collection is generated you'll have a draft generative collection available. This will enable you to review all your work to see what your images are going to look like before saving and generating them.

Once saved and generated you'll not be able to do a lot of changes after the fact. Once saved you can go and preview your designs and the associated metadata with them.

And that's really it!