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Stan Store vs. Beacons: Which Creator Store Platform Should You Choose?

Last Updated:
July 3, 2024
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Stan Store vs Beacons: In the evolving landscape of digital content creation, creators are constantly searching for the best tools to monetize their audience effectively. Two popular platforms that have garnered attention are Stan Store and Beacons. 

Both offer unique features tailored to creators, but which one is right for you? 

This comprehensive comparison will help you decide by examining key aspects of each platform.


  • Stan Store: Known for its user-friendly interface and robust monetization features, ideal for creators looking to sell digital products and services.
  • Beacons: Offers a versatile link-in-bio solution with customizable templates, perfect for creators wanting a visually appealing and multifunctional page.
  • Metacommerce: An emerging alternative providing comprehensive growth tools for creators and brands, offering the best of both worlds.

Stan Store vs Beacons: At a Glance

Feature Stan Store Beacons
Best for Monetizing digital products/services Versatile link-in-bio pages
Customization Moderate High
Ease of Use High High
Pricing $$ $
Unique Selling Point Seamless product/service sales Highly customizable pages

What is Stan Store?

Stan Store is a powerful, creator-centric platform designed to help users effortlessly monetize their digital products and services. With its intuitive interface, creators can easily set up their stores, manage products, and track sales. Here are some of the standout features:

  • Digital Product Sales: Seamlessly sell eBooks, online courses, and other digital products.
  • Service Booking: Efficiently manage and sell services such as consultations and coaching sessions.
  • Analytics: Gain valuable insights by tracking sales and customer interactions with detailed analytics.

What is Beacons?

Beacons is a versatile link-in-bio tool that enables creators to build highly customizable and visually appealing landing pages. It’s an ideal solution for those looking to consolidate their online presence into a single, cohesive link. Key features include:

  • Customizable Templates: Choose from a wide array of templates to perfectly match your brand's aesthetic.
  • Multiple Links: Easily direct followers to various platforms, including social media profiles, online stores, and personal websites.
  • Monetization: Leverage options to sell products and accept tips directly from your link-in-bio page, enhancing your monetization strategy.

Stan Store vs Beacons: Features Comparison

When evaluating Stan Store and Beacons, it's crucial to consider the features that each platform offers and how they align with your specific needs as a creator. 

Here’s an in-depth comparison of the features provided by both platforms:

Feature Stan Store Beacons
Digital Product Sales Yes Yes
Service Booking Yes No
Customization Moderate High
Templates Limited Extensive
Analytics Detailed Basic
Integrations Popular tools Popular tools
Monetization Options Yes Yes
Ease of Use High High
Customer Support Robust Comprehensive

Features Breakdown

Stan Store is tailored for creators focused on selling digital products and services, offering robust features for sales, booking, and analytics. On the other hand, Beacons excels in customization and versatility, providing extensive templates and integrations ideal for creating a visually appealing link-in-bio page.

Both platforms have their unique strengths, and the choice between them depends on your specific needs. If your primary goal is to sell digital products and manage service bookings, Stan Store might be the better option. However, if you need a highly customizable and versatile link-in-bio tool, Beacons is likely the superior choice.

Stan Store vs Beacons: How Much Do They Cost?

Choosing the right platform for your creator business involves not only understanding the features but also the cost implications. Let’s dive into the pricing details of both Stan Store and Beacons to help you make an informed decision.

Stan Store Pricing

Stan Store offers two main pricing plans, designed to cater to different needs and levels of creator businesses:

  1. Creator Plan:some text
    • Price: $29/month or approximately $0.97/day
    • Features:some text
      • Mobile-optimized creator store
      • Calendar invites and bookings
      • Analytics
      • Unlimited courses
      • 1-tap checkout
      • Subscriptions
      • Email list/newsletter builder
  2. Creator Pro Plan:some text
    • Price: $99/month or approximately $3.30/day
    • Features: Includes all the features of the Creator Plan, plus:some text
      • Email marketing
      • Unlimited funnels
      • Discount codes & upsell offers
      • Offer payment plans
      • Affiliate payments
      • Pixel tracking

Stan Store’s pricing is designed to replace multiple other services, providing a comprehensive solution at each tier.

Beacons Pricing

Beacons also provides tiered pricing options, tailored to various creator needs:

  1. Free Plan:some text
    • Price: $0/month
    • Features: Basic features with limited customization and monetization options.
  2. Creator Plan:some text
    • Price: $10/month
    • Features:some text
      • Additional customization options
      • Monetization features, including product sales and tipping
  3. Business Plan:some text
    • Price: $20/month
    • Features:some text
      • Advanced analytics
      • Priority support
      • Enhanced customization

Beacons offers a more budget-friendly option with its free plan, making it accessible for creators just starting out.

Comparison Summary

A Better Alternative to Stan Store or Beacons: Metacommerce

While both Stan Store and Beacons offer excellent features, Metacommerce stands out as a comprehensive alternative. 

Metacommerce combines the best features of both platforms and adds modern growth tools tailored for creators and brands.

Key Features of Metacommerce

  • Link-in-Bio: Create a sleek and customizable landing page.
  • Product Sales: Sell digital and physical products seamlessly.
  • Service Booking: Manage and sell services with ease.
  • Analytics: Access detailed insights to optimize your sales strategy.
  • Growth Tools: Utilize advanced tools to grow your audience and engagement.

For more information, visit Metacommerce.

Key Takeaways

  • Stan Store is ideal for creators focused on selling digital products and services.
  • Beacons is perfect for those wanting a highly customizable link-in-bio solution.
  • Metacommerce offers a comprehensive platform combining the strengths of both Stan Store and Beacons, with added growth tools for creators.

Stan Store vs Beacons: FAQ

What types of creators benefit most from using Stan Store for selling digital products?

Stan Store is ideal for creators who focus on selling digital products and services, such as eBooks, online courses, and coaching sessions. Its robust features are designed to streamline the sales process and manage bookings effectively.

Can I use Beacons to sell products directly from my link-in-bio page?

Yes, Beacons allows creators to sell products directly from their link-in-bio page. You can also accept tips from followers, making it a versatile tool for monetizing your online presence.

Is there a free plan available for both Stan Store and Beacons?

Beacons offers a free plan that includes basic features and limited customization options, making it accessible for new creators. Stan Store does not offer a free plan but provides a trial period for users to explore its features before committing to a paid plan.

What makes Metacommerce a better alternative to Stan Store and Beacons?

Metacommerce stands out as a superior alternative by combining the strengths of both Stan Store and Beacons. It offers comprehensive growth tools, advanced analytics, and a wide range of customization options, helping creators optimize their monetization strategies and enhance their online presence.

How customizable are the templates on Stan Store and Beacons?

Beacons provides highly customizable templates, allowing creators to tailor their link-in-bio pages to their brand’s aesthetic. Stan Store offers moderate customization options, focusing more on functionality and ease of use. Metacommerce also provides customizable templates, emphasizing simplicity and functionality to meet the diverse needs of creators.

Which platform is better for creators who want to focus on email marketing and newsletters?

Stan Store’s Creator Pro Plan includes advanced email marketing and newsletter builder features, making it a great choice for creators who want to engage their audience through email campaigns. Beacons does not offer integrated email marketing tools in its plans.

How does the pricing of Stan Store and Beacons compare for creators on a budget?

For creators on a budget, Beacons offers more affordable options with its free and lower-tier plans. Stan Store, while offering more advanced features, starts at a higher price point. Creators should consider their specific needs and budget constraints when choosing between the two platforms.

Can I integrate third-party tools with Stan Store and Beacons for additional functionality?

Both Stan Store and Beacons support integration with popular third-party tools, enhancing their functionality. Stan Store integrates with tools like Calendly and Kajabi, while Beacons supports integrations with various social media platforms and analytics tools.

By evaluating the features, pricing, and benefits of Stan Store and Beacons, and considering Metacommerce as a potential alternative, creators can make an informed decision that best suits their needs and goals.

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