Lesson 7 : Make your project a success

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Plan to drop you art

Make an allow list

Using the Metacommerce Studio you can create an allow list (also known as a whitelist) to build hype in anticipation of your drop. It acts as a web3 guestlist, meaning only those on the allowlist can access the mint.

Create engaging content.

In order to maximize participation in your drop, it's important to create engaging content that will encourage people to take part. This might include videos, images, or other types of media that promote the drop and explain what is required to participate.

Make the process easy to understand.

One of the biggest challenges with any type of drop is making sure that the process is as simple as possible for participants. This means ensuring that all the necessary information is easily accessible, and that the steps required to take part are straightforward.

It's a good idea to create a landing page where people can go to learn more about the drop and how to participate. The landing page should include all the information people need, including the start and end dates of the drop, the rules and regulations, and how to enter.

Promote, promote, promote

Finally, be sure to promote your NFT collection heavily on social media and other online channels. This will help get the word out and encourage more people to take part.


Follow these tips to make sure you set yourself up for success.

Make sure your art is quality

The art is more important than the hype - often really hyped projects sellout quickly and rapidly deteriorate in value. Good quality art holds its value and lays the groundwork for future collections as your reputation as an NFT artist will get better and better.

State your mission at the start

To let your would-be community members know what they are buying into, you might want to write a whitepaper, a roadmap or build a landing page telling future NFT owners what they can look forward to if they buy into your collection.

Make sure you have plans for the community

As we have already discussed, when launching an NFT collection you are also building a community. In the past, creators have forgotten this fact and have sold out collections without any plans for the community. This can quite quickly lead to a disgruntled community of NFT owners, who are watching the value of their NFT plummet due to the poor community experience.

You may want to set up a Discord, appoint a community manager, plan future events, drops or online token-gated experiences.

Make sure you have the financial backing to follow through

Remember that transacting on the blockchain can be expensive. Before getting people to sign up for your allowlist, ensure you have the funds to deploy your smart contract. Equally, if you are promising future airdrops, make sure you have enough in your treasury to deploy them.

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Kitty Mayo

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