SZN 1 | Metacommerce Insider Pass

Mint Type: Free Membership Pass
Applications Close:
Q4 2022
Passes Available:
107 / 150
How To Mint:
To access our community apply below

How Do I Know If I've Been Accepted?
A member of our team will contact you via the channels you list on your application
(i.e. Twitter/ Discord/ Email/ Blockscan).

We are reviewing all Insider+ applicants on a daily basis and rolling out acceptance DMs weekly.

General Details
Season 1 will be limited to 150 members.

Once all membership passes are minted Season 1 will kick off.

Upon completion of our initial season our collective will evaluate as a community how to onboard more members.

Keeping spaces limited to start is intentional by design, this ensures our group remains high value for all those who choose to participate.

Season One | Membership Pass