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A Reimagined Customer Data Platform Built for the Tokenized World

 Use Metacommerce to connect, unify, and activate customer data from on and off-chain sources – to power NFT experiences, deliver personalized messages, support full-funnel attribution, and more.

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Battle-tested by web3 brands and teams.
From next-gen startups to established enterprises.

We bridge the gap between traditional enterprise and the power of web3.

Issue wallets or NFTs with your provider of choice and easily sync blockchain data to your CRM, dApps, advertising tools, and more. No engineering work required.

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Access the best blockchain and dapp data + growth stack, out of the box.
Lower your costs with more efficient marketing and engineering teams.
Scale community without sacrificing on the customer experience.
Get A 360-View Of Your Customers

Unify data across every platform, dApp, and channel to drive insights and personalized experiences.

Track Engagement Across Blockchains

Collect relevant blockchain events and enrich them with information about wallet holders.

Connect Your Data Wherever It Is

Get the best out of your tools and add new functionality to workflows with 40+ dApps and apps.

Power Real-Time Campaign Audiences

View, segment and filter your wallet holder data – and structure however is best for your brand.

Save Time With Automated Workflows

Easily build powerful no-code web3 automations to get your blockchain data where you need it with triggers, rules, and conditions.

The Metacommerce team provided constant support and helped us bring to life everything we had in mind.
Matt Chessco
Founder & Artist, Pop Art Cats

Grow Your Digital Community, Customer Lifetime Value, and Total Sales.

Discover how others are using Metacommerce to save time, understand their community, and drive net-new revenue for their business.

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Discover, reach, and convert more community members to customers.


Understand what drives value, align your team, and accelerate revenue.


Reduce maintenance overhead and save time to focus on what matters.

Bring all your tools and data together.

Activate your audiences across dozens of dApps and marketing tools. Skip hours of engineering work and deliver unified, omni-channel campaigns in real-time.
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