The Modern Engagement & Loyalty Platform.

Create digital asset experiences that drive revenue.

Build automated NFT campaigns, understand your holders, and scale your business, all with Metacommerce – a modern platform that allows you to connect with (and engage) your community across all channels.

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Why Metacommerce?

Capture better community insights. Drive more profitable growth.

Use Metacommerce to power interactions that drive data acquisition, user engagement, and loyalty across digital, and mobile-first audiences.

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Cross-channel journeys

Orchestrate campaigns that engage audiences in real-time across the customer lifecycle.

Customer data platform

Collect, unify, and segment zero and first-party data, from all traditional and blockchain sources.

White-label wallets

Use smart wallets to power experiential campaigns that drive better business outcomes.


Activate your audiences, and profiles in 40+ business tools, apps, and dApps.


Access developer tools to support events tracking and web3 data collection.

"The Metacommerce team provided constant support and helped us bring to life everything we had in mind."
Matt Chessco
Founder & Artist, Pop Art Cats

Flexible. Secure. Built to scale.

Dedicated success team

Dedicated support, resources, and documentation available whenever you need it.

Support for millions of people

Out-of-the-box support for 5 million unified profiles with enterprise options to add more.

Privacy focused

Purpose built tools to help you effectively manage your zero and first-party data safely.

Collaboration tools

Workspaces and comprehensive team permissions to manage your brand and organization.

Professional services

Dedicated onboarding and web3 growth experts to help you achieve your specific business goals.


Access to modern marketing channels, plus all web3 has to offer, including NFTs and smart wallets.

We bridge the gap between web2 and web3

Activate your data across dozens of apps, ad platforms, and marketing tools. Skip hours of engineering work to deliver immersive and gamified cross-channel (and blockchain) experiences.
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Use Cases

Forget switching providers every year. We do it all.

We've built Metacommerce to scale with you as you test and expand new consumer engagement channels. Start small with a simple NFT drop, or execute your entire web3 strategy from one easy-to-use, no-code platform.

Branded wallets

Onboard your audience with email or sms-based non-custodial wallets that can be accessed via mobile or desktop.

Rewards and redeemables

Unlock or send digital rewards to your customers and fans based on brand interactions or other positive actions.

Web3 QR codes

Transform offline events and out of home advertising into consumer data goldmines with web3-enabled QR codes.

Allow attendees and passerby's to claim digital collectibles in exchange for their contact info or a social action (retweet, brand mention, etc).

Provide a familiar web2 experience
Assign points or issue collectibles
Tiered Memberships

Build more personalized experiences for your most engaged fans and customers with tiered memberships that incentivize retention.


Own the end-to-end brand experience. Give your customers a central hub to discover, buy, and transfer digital assets. (Enterprise Only)

"Big thanks to our friends @Metacommerceapp for their help with the airdrop!"
Felix Bosse
Community, Lighthouse World
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