Press Kit


At Metacommerce, our logo mark consists of both a logomark ("Mark") and wordmark. The Mark may be used on its own, while the wordmark must always be accompanied by the Mark. This helps to maintain the integrity of our brand and ensures that our logo is always represented in a consistent and cohesive manner. We ask that you follow these guidelines when using our logo in any materials.

About Metacommerce

Metacommerce is the next generation engagement & loyalty platform. By providing smart personalization, gamification, and a robust integrations ecosystem, we provide brands with a radically new way to identify, engage, and reward their most loyal customers and community members. 

Founded in Canada in 2021, Metacommerce has been recognized as an innovator within the web3 space, having helped brands and organizations generate more than 4.7k ETH ($5M+) in NFT transaction volume to date.

The company is fully remote, with team members based in Toronto, Montreal, and New York.

Color Palette

At Metacommerce, we have a specific colour scheme that we use to maintain a cohesive brand identity. Our palette includes vibrant shades like Geek Blue (#1355ff), as well as black and white. To ensure that our brand is consistently represented, we ask that you pay attention to contrast when using these colours. For example, when using Geek Blue or Dark Blue as a background, it is best to use our light logo rather than the dark version. This helps to ensure that our branding is clear and legible.

Dark Blue

Geek Blue

Cold Bones