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Who owns my smart contract?

All ERC-721A contracts deployed via Metacommerce are owned by the creator and their wallet.

What chains do you currently support?

Our Studio plan currently supports Ethereum.

Our Studio Pro plan supports Ethereum, Polygon, and Solana.

Who pays the gas fees?

All gas fees incurred via the use of our platform are paid by the user.

Can I launch generative collections (PFP/10k, etc)?

Yes. We support the full process of launching a large generative collection.

Our platform includes a generative design engine, and custom workflows tailored specifically to allow you set-up, and drop large NFT collections.

Does Metacommerce take custody of NFTs sold?

No. Metacommerce is a dApp, when creators deploy contracts and mint NFTs via our creative suite they have full ownership of their work.

What should I name my contract?

Whatever you want! We suggest naming your contract something that aligns with you as a creator, your collection or brand.

What is the difference between ERC-721 and ERC-721a?

ERC-721a is an optimized variant of ERC-721. Its origins can be found with @NFTChance and Nuclear Nerds of the Accidental Apocalypse, and was further popularized and advanced by Azuki Zen. It provides optimized gas fees during minting transactions.

What is the difference between testnet and mainnet?

Think of testnet as the sandbox environment and mainnet as your production environment. It's where you should deploy and QA your contracts prior to pushing live and deploying to mainnet. Once your contract is live on the mainnet, you will have minimal editing abilities.

Are Metacommerce contracts interoperable?

Yes. Your Metacommerce contract is owned by you and can be imported to most major NFT marketplaces. To view compatibility view the list below.

Marketplace Contract Compatibility
- OpenSea:
- LooksRare:
- Rarible:
- Foundation: Not Currently
- Nifty Gateway: Not Currently

How do I get funds to QA on Rinkeby?

You can access funds to deploy contracts on the Rinkeby testnet via a faucet. A faucet provides you with "play" ether to QA your contracts in a sandbox environment without incurring significant ETH costs.

You can find popular faucets below:

If you are unable to access funds from one of the faucets linked above, don't hesitate to send our team a message at or via our discord and we'll do our best to help you out!

Can I manage a whitelist with Metacommerce contracts?

Yes. With Metacommerce you can set who's allowed to mint early, as well as alternate pricing for whitelist and public sale.

The powers in your hands.

What type of NFTs are supported?

We currently support ERC-721a, beyond the contract, we've built out a series of workflows to allow you to easily create multiple types of NFTs including, 1 of 1's, generative collections, gated content, and dynamic NFTs.

Types of NFTs
1 0f 1's:
Upload fine art, photography or other single edition work, and turn it into an NFT.

Generative Collections:
Quickly build, and generate a large layer based PFP project or collection.

Gated Content:
Create an NFT with token gated content. Think tickets, songs, books, and more.

Dynamic NFTs:
Design NFTs that change based on real-time data such as the time of day.

What file sizes/types are supported?

NFT Images
- Image size: 10 MB max
- File type: PNG, JPG, GUF

NFT Videos
- Video size: 50MB max
- File type: MP4
- Aspect Ratio: 1080 x 1080

Can I customize my metadata ?

Yes. We provide creators and brands with the ability to easily set "Property Names" and "Property Values" during the minting process. This includes both automatically via property import and manually via settings. See an example of how names and values are used below.

Metadata Example
- Property Name: Location
- Property Value: Berlin, Germany

Do you support royalties?

Yes. With Metacommerce you can easily set royalties on your contract.

Can I mint tokens for airdrops/giveaways?

Metacommerce enables you to handle airdrops and giveways for ERC-721a contracts. To run an airdrop or giveaway your contract must be live.

Once live you can navigate to your smart contract under the "live contracts" tab to add wallet addresses you'd like to drop NFTs to, or mint to your own wallet.

What are storefronts and minting embeds?

Storefronts and minting embeds are the sales channels currently available via our free platform.

Storefronts allow you to set-up a hosted landing page where users can mint your NFT drop. To set up a hosted page you must connect a custom domain and select a hosting plan.

Minting embeds allow you to embed minting functionality tied to your contract in an existing site (i.e. Shopify, Webflow, Wix, Squarespace) via a simple iframe.

What sales types are currently supported?

We offer two solutions currently for our Studio plan;

Drops (Ideal for PFP/ Large Collections):
Drop a collection on a set date, at a set time. Manage your whitelist and public sales, and access solutions to manage giveaways, treasury mints, and more.

Standard Sales (Ideal for 1 of 1's):
Mint your work ahead of time and sell it your way, this can be done in batches of 1 of 1's or piece by piece, the choice is yours.

How do I launch my own NFT marketplace?

White-label NFT marketplaces are currently only supported by our Studio Pro plan. To get started contact us.

Can I manage pre-sales with Metacommerce?

Yes. We give you full control over how you want to manage your NFT drops. This includes whitelisting of wallet addresses, ending whitelist sales and starting public sales, and setting pricing.

Can I host a store with a custom domain (e.g. URL)?

Yes. To get started with your own custom domain you will need to set up a landing page and select a hosting plan.

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Access the app, create your collection, and deploy your contract. Only pay when you go live with a hosted embed, drop site, or storefront.

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