What is IPFS?

Last Updated:
September 30, 2022

IPFS is the web3 standard for decentralized storage. In this article we will cover what it is, how it works and why it is important.

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Kitty Mayo

What is IPFS?

IPFS stands for InterPlanetary File System. It is a distributed and decentralized network for storing and accessing files and data, as well as other things like websites and applications.

IPFS uses peer-to-peer network technology to connect a series of nodes located across the world that make up the IPFS network.

IPFS was launched in 2015 and has since become a web3 standard for decentralized storage.

Illustration showing digital drawings of planets and the works InterPlanetary File System

What are the benefits of using IPFS to store Metacommerce studio art?

  • It cannot be altered by one party (i.e. your work cannot be deleted or altered, maliciously or accidentally)
  • It is not affected if one platform fails (e.g. if there is an outage on AWS, your work will still be accessible)
  • IPFS ensures that the data included in the network is unique (they are uniquely identified by their CID) and is protected against modifications, making this data immutable.

How is content identified in IPFS?

It uses content identifiers, or CIDs, to find and identify data. A CID is a label used to point to material in IPFS without indicating where content is stored. Instead, it forms a type of address based on a cryptographic hash of the content itself, meaning that:

  • any change to the content will produce a different CID
  • The same content added to two different IPFS nodes using the same settings will produce the same CID.

CIDs are short, regardless of the size of their underlying content.

How can I start using IPFS to store my NFT art?

Sign up to the Metacommerce Studio and start uploading your assets!