What is the Meaning of NGMI and WAGMI?

Last Updated:
December 26, 2022
What is the meaning of NGMI and WAGMI

Crypto culture can be intimidating but with just a few minutes, you'll become an expert in using NGMI and WAGMI in your everyday vocabulary.


The crypto and web3 world can sometimes look and sound like an entirely different universe. Just like with a visit to another country, dipping a toe into the web3 world can inundate you with new internet slang words. So what in the world does NGMI and WAGMI stand for, and more importantly, why are they important to web3 culture?


What is NGMI and WAGMI?

NGMI stands for “not going to make it” and WAGMI is short hand for “we all going to make it”. NGMI is used in situations when you won’t be successful due to a bad decision. WAGMI is the opposite and refers to the belief that the community will be successful. WAGMI is typically used as a reaction to good news. NGMI and WAGMI are predominantly used in the NFT world, within web3 culture, and you should expect to see these two acronyms used frequently in NFT Twitter and NFT-specific Discord groups.

NGMI and WAGMI are common terms in crypto culture

Why are NGMI and WAGMI Important?

NGMI and WAGMI are popular expressions in the NFT community, and so knowing what these acronyms mean as well as how and when to use them will help you navigate the NFT world more easily. It’s also important to know the ethos behind NGMI, which is exclusionary, and WAGMI, which is inclusive, because these two expressions speak to the culture of web3. While NGMI points out that another group or community is “different”, WAGMI is the positive belief that everyone in the community is going to make it. The fact that both NGMI and WAGMI are popular expressions highlights how web3 culture is continuing to evolve and invent its own lexicon that demonstrates the community’s values.



  • Be careful of the negative connotation with NGMI. It is a very negative comment and can be the web3 equivalent of calling someone a loser if directed at someone else.
  • NGMI can be used in a self-deprecating way if you’ve made what you consider to be a bad decision.
  • WAGMI is an expression that’s focused on the community. It’s used to express a sense of camaraderie just as much as it’s an expression of predicting future success.
  • WAGMI has a very positive connotation and there are similar acronyms with the same meaning, such as GMI (going to make it) and YGMI (you’re going to make it).

WAGMI is an expression that's focused on supporting the community


Web3 is still a new field that’s constantly evolving and creating new words and expressions. There’s no better time than the present to immerse yourself in web3 culture and to learn about the possibilities of web3 technology. Learning how to speak like a web3 native is one step on your journey. WAGMI 😊